No Cookies and Trackers for you!
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No Cookies and Trackers for you!


No, seriously, none for you!

Good news for our readers. We are now officially Tracker and Cookie free!

What does this mean?


First, let me explain what cookies are.

A cookie is a term given to describe a type of message or data that a web server provides a web browser. Cookies could be used to track users, store custom web pages, save user sessions, and more.

Initially, on, we had a few cookies. A membership cookie used to store user sessions if you log in, cookies from Stripe for payment processing, and cookies from YouTube and Twitter for the third-party embedded content.


On to trackers now. Since switching to Fathom Analytics back in September, we removed the vast majority of trackers on our website that were injected by our use of Google Analytics.

If you are unsure what trackers are, they are methods used by websites and services to track users and learn their behavior. These can be cookies, scripts, files, and anything else that could "track" a user.

Most of the time, trackers are used for a website owner to better understand their website's usage. However, when using free services like Google Analytics, the trackers injected by Google are used to build an overall user profile.

Since Google Analytics is used on many websites today, Google knows which websites you visit and can then display content to you based on your browsing history.

Creepy, isn't it?

That is how you could end up with advertisements for something you may have only looked up once or twice, even though the website you are visiting has nothing to do with what you looked up.

Because we removed Google Analytics, our tracker count fell dramatically.

But, we still had YouTube embeds on our site, and thus, when navigating to articles with these embeds, Google was still able to track our readers.

Cookie and Tracker Free, Guaranteed!

This brings us to today's announcement.

Over the last week, I have been going through all the articles on and removing all third-party embeds. This includes YouTube videos and Twitter Tweets.

In their places, I included links to the videos or quotes of the tweets.

This may affect some user experience, mostly for those who would like to watch the videos mentioned in the articles. They will now have to leave and watch said video on YouTube.

However, this is a small price to pay for ensuring you, the readers, privacy. I do not keep any logs, and Fathom, the analytics service I use, only provides me the necessary information I need to know.

In fact, our analytics data is public. If you would like to view what I can see, you can head over to the Analytics Dashboard.

Lastly, I did disable membership registration on Having this enabled placed the third-party Stripe cookies. This would not allow to be cookie-free. Although it sucks and removes one avenue that you could use to help support, we have a full list of ways you can help us out over at our Support Us! page.

Final Words

I am proud to call advertisement free, cookie-free, and Tracker free. Something you do not see, especially in the journalism/news blog world.

I hope I can continue to provide quality content for all of you, and you will continue to visit for your latest Cloud Gaming news!

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