NVIDIA GeForce Now is losing Bethesda Games

Last updated on Nov 16, 2020

Posted on Feb 23, 2020

Things do not look good for NVIDIA's GeForce Now platform. Only just recently, Activision Blizzard pulled its games from the GeForce Now Library.


According to a forum post on February 21st, Bethesda will be joining Activision Blizzard in removing its games from the GeForce Now library.

This is two major gaming companies that have pulled its games from GeForce Now.

However, Wolfenstein Youngblood will remain on the GeForce Now platform, and be available to all members.

You can find the forum post by NVIDIA here.

Why I think this is happening

My thoughts on why companies are pulling games from the GeForce Now is the fact that GeForce Now allows you to play games that you have already purchased, whilst NVIDIA's main competitor, Google Stadia, requires you to purchase the game again.

With Stadia's platform, game companies can make a bit more money because players will need to repurchase the games they want to play on a cloud platform. NVIDIA GeForce Now does not allow for the companies to make a quick buck.

Of course, this is my thought on the reasoning behind companies jumping on the bandwagon of leaving NVIDIA's GeForce Now. Hopefully, no other company jumps ship from the GeForce Now platform, as that can hurt Cloud Gaming as a whole!

What are your thoughts on why companies are pulling games from the GeForce Now platform? Leave a comment below!

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