NVIDIA teases potential announcement of Ampere GPUs

Last updated on Nov 16, 2020

Posted on Aug 11, 2020

The official NVIDIA GeForce Twitter account decided to tease us. It changed its header and logo and included the words "The #UltimateCountdown - 21 Days, 21 Years". NVIDIA has also announced that their will be a special event hosted on September 1st, which you can find the countdown here

Although we do not know precisely what is being teased, many expect it to be the announcement of NVIDIA's next-gen GPUs, Ampere. This has been rumored for some time now, and with recent GPU shortages, this may be possible.

It is also rumored that the GeForce 3000-series cards will offer a significant performance boost over the current 2000-series. Some say that it is at least a 31-percent increase for gaming, and possibly a 2 to 4x boost in ray tracing performance. Do keep in mind that these are rumors and have not been officially confirmed by NVIDIA. But, if this is true, this will be a considerable jump in gaming performance.

Alongside NVIDIA with their possible announcement of next-gen GPUs, AMD promises the release of their "Big Navi" GPUs later this year, and Intel is expected to talk up its own Xe graphics today.

The end of this year will be huge for Graphics cards, but it may be best to wait if you are planning to purchase a new GPU. With new GPUs being so close, it is expected that current generation GPUs may temporarily rise in price as manufacturers slow down production to ramp up production on new GPUs.

Not only is this possible announcement good for gamers, this also means we may be seeing Ampere GPUs powering NVIDIA GeForce Now in the near future!

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