Origin Access and EA Access renaming to EA Play

Origin Access and EA Access renaming to EA Play

Recently, it was announced that EA Access was coming soon to Steam. With EA already having Origin Access, we thought it was just a simple rebrand for non-origin based platforms. Well, EA has announced that they will instead be renaming Origin and EA Access to a single unified name, EA Play.

The new name will go into effect on August 18th. EA Access and Origin Access Basic will be renamed to EA Play. Origin Access Premier will be renamed to EA Play Pro. The subscriptions' price and benefits will stay the same, with EA stating that more will come for subscribers soon.

EA also stated that they are making this change to streamline the service under a single brand name, instead of splitting it up for multiple platforms.

If the rename sounds familiar to you, it should. EA Play is the name of the annual showcase event that EA hosts. To ensure that the names will not be confused, EA will be renaming the yearly event to EA Play Live.

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