Outriders' November patch said to be coming to Stadia

Last updated on Oct 7, 2021

Posted on Oct 7, 2021

April 1st, 2021, Outriders launched on Google Stadia.

Since then, the Stadia version of the game seemed to have been placed on the backburner. Other platforms received periodic bug fixes and updates, while those who have the game on Google Stadia have been left with the game's launch version.

That is finally about to change, as a comment from Outriders' official Twitter account states that the next major update, planned for mid-November, will be coming to Stadia as well.

After over seven months, the Stadia version of the game should be in line with other platforms.

In the latest Dev News posted on Reddit, the Outriders Community Manager stated that "Stadia still needs to be brought in line with other platforms with regards to fixes, bug resolutions and crossplay support." They go on to state that they are "planning to complete this alignment with the upcoming big update."

With the Twitter comment and this Reddit post, it is safe to assume that this "big update" mentioned is likely the mid-November update.

The post also goes on to state that "if a safe opportunity presents itself to align Stadia earlier, we will take it."

Many have stopped playing Outriders on Stadia because of the lack of support from the developers. Hopefully, with this update, the game will be in line with other platforms and continue to stay in line.

Will you play Outriders on Stadia when this update lands? Comment below!

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