Path of Exile: Heist heading your way on September 18th

Last updated on Sep 3, 2020

Posted on Sep 3, 2020

Developers Grinding Gear Games have announced that the next Path of Exile League will be released on September 18th. It will be called Heist, and it will allow players to become thieves and steal from difficult strongholds.

The League takes place in a new area, Rogue Harbour. You are tasked to build a team of thieves and prepare plans to ransack strongholds. This is a unique twist from the typical gameplay style seen in Path of Exile.

So, how do you get to Rogue Harbour? When you battle monsters throughout the game's original maps, you will come across Markers and Contracts. Markers are a new currency for this League, and Contracts are what allow you to go on these thieving missions. With Markers, you will be able to teleport to Rogue Harbour and recruit thieves to help you with your contracts. You will then be taken to a stronghold to steal loot alongside your thieving comrades.

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There are 13 different thieves that you can recruit to your party—each of them with their own personalities, backstory, and abilities. So make sure you pay attention and select a well-rounded team to steal the treasure successfully!

Once you have gathered your team, you will be able to start planning your heist. Figuring out the best way to scout out the location, setting up transportation, and how you will steal the treasure inside.

When you are inside the location, you will need to pay attention to the Alert feature. This feature will allow you to know if the facility is on to your presence. Each action you take could raise your Alert Level. With the help of your team, you can successfully navigate your way through a heist without raising your Alert Level too much, but if you end up maxing it out, expect a whole lot of enemies coming your way! One thing to remember, if you die, you lose all the items you have stolen.

Once you have stolen the artifact and have completed the heist, you can sell these artifacts to the fence in Rogue Harbour. Doing so will allow you to receive more Marks and help you work your way to a Grand Heist.

Grand Heist's

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Grand Heist's will allow you to take on a much more challenging contract, but the rewards are well worth it. When you complete a Grand Heist, you will have the opportunity to pick from five unique rewards. Some of the rewards that you can receive are new systems to the game, such as Replica Uniques and Alternate Quality Gems.

Replica Uniques

Credits: Path of Exile
Replica Uniques are items that are replicas of some current Unique Items with slight tweaks. For example, if the original unique item gives a significant amount of elemental damage, the replica could provide a considerable amount of physical damage instead. This will surely affect how some builds work during this League!

Alternate Quality Gems

Credits: Path of Exile
The Alternate Quality Gems follows the same process that Replica Unique Items follow. Meaning, that if the original gem would increase a particular stat, the alternate gem would increase another stat.

Heist also adds a new equipment item slot in Path of Exile: the trinket. This new item slot will only improve Heist-related mechanics. It may carry over to the full game in the future, but for now, it will only work in the new League.

Along with the new League, other tweaks will be coming to the game as well. This includes further adjustments and improvements to the quality of life for the game and balancing of items, skills, and more. Path of Exile will also be gaining Mac OS support.

Heist will be making it's way to Path of Exile on September 18th for Windows and Mac OS. The console update will be coming a few days later on September 23rd.

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