Possible GeForce Now Game Database leak?

Last updated on Sep 13, 2021

Posted on Sep 13, 2021

An interesting blog post appeared, written by Ighor July, who talks about how he ended up data mining the full list of games that have ever been on GeForce Now, as well as the possibility of some future ones.

In his blog post, Ighor writes about how he was able to find the GraphQL editor for GeForce Now, utilizing the consoles log file. With the link, he was able to open the editor, which is used for query testing.

Long story short, he created some queries that dumped a database of games, apps, and other software from GeForce Now's API.

What does this mean?

Ighor stated that more than 18,000 games/software were available through the data mine. From games that are no longer available to games that haven't even been announced/released yet for the platform, they were all listed there.

Better yet, software like Unreal Engine, 3D Max, Maya, Adobe Photoshop, and many more were available in the data mine, suggesting that GeForce Now developers may use the platform for application use instead of just gaming.

The most interesting find in this data mine are games running off of emulators or PlayStation exclusives that are otherwise not available on PC appear to be on this list of games, suggesting a possible GeForce Now/PlayStation crossover/partnership?

However, maybe you should not get your hopes up.

Why you shouldn't be too excited

GeForce Now is a cloud gaming service. The client you have available on your desktop or browser connects directly to an open game window stream on one of NVIDIA's servers. These servers run proprietary software to provide this game stream to your device.

But, behind the proprietary software, these games are running on a server with an operating system. Since these servers are likely very similar to how a normal computer runs, it is more than likely that any game, program, or tool can be installed on the server, and then have NVIDIA's proprietary software make it available to use through GeForce Now.

NVIDIA could be using GeForce Now and its technology to offer tools for NVIDIA employees to use. In addition, GeForce Now developers could be using it to test games and platforms that would otherwise not make it to the consumer releases of the client.

It could also be that GeForce Now developers and/or other NVIDIA employees are given free rein to use GeForce Now for games/tools outside of what is already available on GeForce Now.

Unless someone from NVIDIA can confirm, this massive list of games, tools and other software should be taken with a grain of salt. Who knows where the API was pulling from, GeForce Now? GeForce Experience? Nothing has been confirmed, nor will anything likely be confirmed.

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