Project Cars 3 trailer has been revealed
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Project Cars 3 trailer has been revealed


Slightly Mad Studios suddenly unveiled the trailer for the next iteration of their racing sim, Project Cars 3. However, this trailer seems to bring a bit of an exciting new vision of the game.

The new trailer makes the game look more like Need For Speed than Project Cars. It is starting with what looks like a street race between two supercars, and even more bits of cars racing in the streets. Some parts show track racing as well, but overall, the trailer seems to be showcasing the street racing and car customization a bit more. Much like how many Need For Speed trailers are.

According to the Project Cars website, the new game will have some key features that you do not want to miss.

First is a whole new career mode that has been reworked and entirely rebuilt from scratch. The new career mode will attempt to give players a better sense of progression through the ten car classes available to you. You will be able to also earn XP and unlock parts to upgrade your car.

If you are taken aback by the last few words of the above paragraph, well, it is correct! You will now be able to upgrade your car as you progress through the career mode, allowing you to customize the engine, suspension, exhaust, and much more to take the car along with you on your career—a whole new feature to the Project Cars franchise.

Project Cars 3 will also include Multiplayer with three ways to race. Quick Play, which will throw you into a race, Scheduled Events which will feature events hand-crafted by the developers, and Custom Lobby where players can create their events and tweak the rules, weather, allowed cars, and much more for each race.

On top of the three ways to race, you will also be able to earn in-game currency and XP from all races in both Multiplayer and Career mode. This allows you to race how you want and still progress in the game!

There are a lot of new stuff with this game, and I am excited to get my hands on it, hook up my racing wheel, and race!

Project Cars 3 launches this summer to PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Are you as excited as I am for Project Cars 3?

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