Red Sails, an upcoming exploration sailing game with a twist

Red Sails, an upcoming exploration sailing game with a twist

Set sail in the upcoming sailing game, Red Sails, but not on water. This game, instead, has you sailing across the beautiful... desert?

Yep, that is right. Red Sails is an adventure exploration game that features the ability to sail across a vast, endless desert that threatens to swallow the world and its inhabitants.

In a statement from Léonardo Montes of Red Sails Team to PCGamer, "We wanted to surprise people and whet their curiosity. The visuals call to their imagination with a surreal and dreamlike vision. A desert is quite close to an ocean too; with ripples and dune that can make you think of an agitated sea that was stopped in time. It is also more interesting visually than a flat ocean. We think you can enjoy exploration a lot more in this surreal setting."

It appears that the game will have you going around and saving people who are "sinking" into the desert sand, learn about their stories, and bring them back to their villages. It was also stated that the game will have a day and night cycle that will also affect the gameplay, and it isn't just cosmetics.

The planned release date on Steam is "to be announced." But, hopefully, it is released soon, as the game looks pretty good! You can find out more info for the game by heading to their official website

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