Road 96 will no longer be coming to Stadia
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Road 96 will no longer be coming to Stadia


As confirmed by a source to Stadia Source, the upcoming procedurally generated road trip game will not be coming to Google Stadia at release.

Initially, the game was hinted to have a Stadia release, but unfortunately, when Stadia Source contacted the developers for a final confirmation, they received the news that Road 96 is no longer in the pipeline for a Stadia release.

"We did some tests on Stadia last year, and this technology is wonderful, the game ran really smoothly on it, if we have the resources and time we would be happy to release that version of Road 96 in the future.

As a studio of 15 people, it's really hard to make several platforms at the same time." - Yoan Fanise, CEO, DigixArt

It is unfortunate, but it is a valid reason. Each platform that a game is developed for means time spent on optimizations and compatibilities. With a small studio, it may just not be feasible to reach every single platform available.

I would guess that if the game's launch is fairly successful, we would surely see the game hit Stadia. The question for that would be... when?

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