Sea of Thieves' first season goes live tomorrow
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Sea of Thieves' first season goes live tomorrow


Rare's pirate adventure game, Sea of Theives, will be getting its first season tomorrow, January 28th, 2021.

However, with the game only just beginning to get seasons, many do not know what this will entail. To help with that uncertainty, Rare released a blog post to explain what you should expect for the upcoming seasons.

In the post, Rare begins by stating that seasons will "truly transform how we release and operate Sea of Thieves."

"It's the most ambitious change we've made to our progression system since launch – one that we think will give you a lot more satisfaction from session to session – so we're very excited for you to get your hands on it." - Joe Neate, Executive Producer

Sea of Thieves' seasons will run for roughly three months each. With each new season comes new gameplay features, rewards, and live events. Players will be able to progress through each of these seasons by winning and collecting Renown, which is "a new progression metric that isn't wholly dependent on handing in loot."

With Renown, players can play through 100 levels across ten tiers of progression. Progression through these levels and tiers will net you rewards. Players have the option of purchasing the premium "Plunder Pass" to earn even more rewards.

"While this new approach shifts the pace of major content updates to every three months, it also allows us to craft more meaningful experiences for you all and return to a more predictable rhythm of release" - Joe Neate, Executive Producer

Each season will bring new content for players in Sea of Thieves. This seasonal content will be free for all players to play. For season one, players will be able to access a new Merchange Alliance Voyage.

Along with the possibility of new locations, seasons will introduce events and challenges to keep players entertained.

If you want to learn more about Seasons in Sea of Thieves, you can head over to the blog post or watch the YouTube Video for a better understanding.

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