Search on Stadia now rolling out
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Search on Stadia now rolling out


Google has announced that the hugely requested search feature will be rolling out to Stadia for Web this week.

New UI, Library sorting, and game searching

This feature will allow all Stadia players to search for games in their Stadia Library. With Stadia being out for over a year and a half, it is interesting to see that this feature was not already available. Nonetheless, it is now rolling out!

Along with the release of the search feature, Google will also be releasing a new UI and Library sorting for all players this week.

Image Credits: Google Stadia

Upcoming Features

Google goes on to mention some upcoming features that will be making their way to Stadia in the future. They did mention that they do not have a set date for when these features will arrive, and the mockups may change, but they wanted to show them off.

Activity Feed

The first feature they show off is the activity feed.

Image Credits: Google Stadia

This feature will allow you to show off your favorite video captures and state shares to your friends. You can also explore content that has been posted by other players as well.

Android Web and Bulk Capture delete

Lastly, Stadia android users will be able to use Stadia through android browsers soon. This way, you do not need to download the Stadia app to play games on an android device.

Along with updates to Stadia for Web, you will soon be able to bulk delete captures using the web browser.

Image Credits: Google Stadia

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