Self-Serve name change coming to Stadia

Last updated on Aug 31, 2021

Posted on Aug 31, 2021

Over on Stadia's official Reddit, u/ChrisFromGoogle posted an announcement stating that self-service Stadia name changes are just around the corner.

Starting now and rolling out through tomorrow, September 1st, Stadia gamers will be able to change their Stadia username once every 180 days manually. Here are some steps on how to change your Stadia name:

  1. Tap or click on your profile icon in the top-right corner of your Stadia session.
  2. Select “Stadia Settings.”
  3. Under “Stadia Name & avatar,” select “Change your name.”
  4. Enter in the Stadia name you want.
  5. If the desired Stadia name fits our guidelines, you will be given the option to confirm your choice.

Chris goes on to state some important information regarding this new feature.

  • This feature is currently supported only on the Web.
  • Please note that all Founder names must be unique. If your desired Stadia name is unavailable, a different name must be selected to preserve the un-appended status. Founders may always opt-in to an appended Stadia name by contacting Stadia support.
  • Founders will have the ability to change their Stadia name back to an un-appended name after 180 days of changing their name to one with appended numbers.
  • Non-Founders may not “upgrade” to an un-appended Stadia name by changing their own Stadia name.
  • See this Help Center article for more information on Stadia name selection guidelines.

Personally, I probably will not use this feature that often; however, swapping out your username every so often is an awesome feature for gamers, and I can see this being used by a lot of Stadia subscribers out there!

Do you plan on changing your Username? Comment below!

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