Shadow announced new tiers for the US!!!
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Shadow announced new tiers for the US!!!


Today is an exciting day for those in the United States.

On March 12th, 2020, Shadow released a press release that has announced the addition of new tiers in the United States, as well as a new strategic partnership and the beta for the Shadow VR app.

Last year, Shadow announced these new tiers for the EU, and now they are finally coming to the US.

New Tiers

Much like the announcement for the EU, the new tiers carry the same names.

Source: Shadow

Shadow Boost

Starting at $11.99 per month for those on a 12-month agreement and $14.99 for those on a monthly agreement, the Shadow Boost tier gives you everything you need to game at 1080p on your device.

With a GTX 1080 equivalent graphics card and a 3.4GHz 4-core CPU, it should be able to handle anything you throw at it.

This tier is for those who want a budget option to play their favorite games. If you require the need for 4K gaming or play resource-hungry games, then you may want to look at the next two tiers.

Shadow Ultra

Starting at $24.99 per month for those on the 12-month agreement and $29.99 a month for those on a monthly agreement, the Shadow Ultra tier enters you into the world of RTX and 4K gaming at a fairly decent price.

With an RTX 2080 equivalent graphics card and a 4 GHz 4-core CPU, it should be able to handle most current generation games at a 4K resolution.

This tier works great if you are looking for a High Tier gaming rig for your gaming needs. And, with the added storage, 512GB in total, you can install more of your favorite games!

Shadow Infinite

Starting at $39.99 per month for those in the 12-month agreement and $49.99 a month for those on a monthly agreement, the Shadow Infinite tier enters you into what I call the "God Tier" of PC gaming. Play any game you want with RTX on at a 4K resolution with almost no issues at all.

This tier boasts an RTX Titan equivalent with a 4GHz 6-core processor, you will be able to use pretty much anything you throw at it.

With a terabyte of storage, you should have more than enough space to download your game library and play your favorite games whenever you want.

Shadow VR

Source: Shadow

Many have gotten Shadow to work on their Oculus Quest by using Virtual Desktop and the Shadow App.

Well, Shadow has been working on their own application to use with the Oculus Quest and they finally announced it! Shadow is bringing a VR Exploration Program to the US to beta test a new application that they are currently developing.

New Strategic Partnership


Shadow also announced that they have a new partnership with LG Electronics. This partnership has allowed Shadow to raise more money, as well as the creation of upcoming projects that will integrate Shadow with some of LG's various products.

"LG is very focused on elevating customer value through cloud-based services," said Jang Ik-hwan, head of LG’s IT business division of the Business Solutions Company. "We look forward to collaborating with Shadow’s high-performance cloud PC platform to deliver the best and differentiated experience for consumers."

This is an exciting partnership for Shadow and Cloud Gaming!

My Thoughts

I have been waiting for this announcement since last year when they announced the new tiers in the EU. On top of that, the new Shadow VR app makes me want to invest in getting an Oculus Quest as soon as possible!

I am very excited for Shadow, and can not wait until the new tiers are released. I can not wait until I can start benchmarking the new tiers :).

Are you just as excited about this announcement as I am? Comment below!

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