Shadow announces new CEO and CTO
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Shadow announces new CEO and CTO

Shadow announces new CEO and CTO

In an announcement today, cloud gaming provider Shadow has announced that they have a new CEO and CTO. Starting with the CEO, Shadow is welcoming Mike Fischer, who is best known for working at Sega, Namco, Square Enix (CEO), Xbox, and Epic Games.

Mike Fischer replaces the Jérôme Arnaud, "who successfully managed the transition between the departure of our founder Emmanuel Freund, and the arrival of the new management team." Mike is also an avid gamer, with his favorite game being Rocket League and has over 500 total ours in-game.

Along with Mike Fischer, Shadow also named a new CTO. Jean-Baptiste Kempf will be joining Shadow as the new CTO. He is the lead developer to the hugely popular open-source video player software, VLC Media Player, for those that do not recognize the name. Jean-Baptiste Kempf is the founder of the VideoLAN non-profit and the founder/CEO of several other video streaming platforms.

These two are some big players in the industry, and their expertise will most likely help Shadow evolve and continue to be a leader in the Cloud Gaming sector. If you would like to read the full announcement, you can head over to Shadow's official website.

This is exciting news. Mike has some excellent experience in the gaming industry, and the knowledge that Jean-Baptiste Kempf brings to the table could expand on the already fantastic streaming technology that Shadow uses. I cannot wait to see how this turns out!

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