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Last updated on Jul 14, 2021

Posted on Oct 17, 2019

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Ever open up your Shadow Launcher all excited to start it up and play your favorite game, and then BAM, you get an error trying to Launch your Shadow?

Yeah... it's not fun, and really annoying especially if you only have a limited time to play games. So, here is a list of all Shadow Errors, along with Troubleshooting steps to hopefully get you up and running!

The best way to find your error is to do CTRL + F and search for your error. Otherwise you can scroll through the page.

*Content of this page can also be found on Shadow's official support page for their Error Codes.

S:101 Video Streaming Could Not Be Initialized

Shut down Shadow completely from the Shadow Launcher, then close the application. Wait 5 minutes before reopening the application.

To shut down Shadow, click the Help

icon, then click Shut Down Shadow.

💬 Info: Do not restart Shadow. Restarting Shadow will not refresh all of Shadow's services.

S:102 Unable to Display Protected Content

Close the application Shadow has blocked using ALT + F4, if necessary. Otherwise, you should be able to continue using your Shadow as normal.

S:103 Update Your Graphics Drivers in Shadow

If you receive this error, it means that you need to update your Graphics Drivers! Pretty straight forward message. There are a couple ways to update your Graphics Drivers on your Shadow.

  1. Check out how to update your Nvidia Drivers over at Shadow
  2. Install Nvidia GeForce Experience or Nvidia Quadro Experience, and update your drivers that way.

L:102, L:104, L:200 - Launcher Failed to Connect to Shadow

Check out my post on these errors to find the best troubleshooting steps.

Troubleshooting #3 - L:102, L:104, L:200 Errors

R: -1 - Unknown error

This error means you received a critical error with your Shadow app. A simple restart of your application should fix the error. If it doesn't, please reach out to Shadow Support.

R:1 - An instance of Shadow is already running

  • Open the Task Manager by using Windows Search or by pressing the key combination [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Delete].
  • In the Process tab, close all Shadow processes . Both in Applications and Processes in the background.

  • For added security, restart your computer and start the Shadow app.

Your Shadow should be accessible again.

R: 2 - Launcher error

In order to effectively overcome this problem, please turn off your Shadow and then perform a reset of the application settings as shown in the image below.


R:100 - Connecting to Shadow from another device

If you encounter this error, it means you have already connected to your Shadow from another device. Please disconnect from this other device, and you should be able to connect.

R:102 An issue occurred during login

Check Shadow Updates

  • Visit Shadow's status page to see if your server is under maintenance. We recommend checking the server nearest to your location for reference.
  • See the #annoucements channel on Shadow's Discord server to see if a community manager or moderator has posted any updates, or see if other users are experiencing the same issue.

If there are no updates related to the error, continue to the next section being sure to test your connection between each one.

Connect to a Different Network

Connect your device to a different network or use a different device. To do this, switch to another WiFi or 4G network, or use a smartphone or other device available to you. Try starting Shadow after you've applied these changes.

Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection

Complete the tasks listed below until the issue is resolved. If you are not able to complete a task, proceed to the next item.

  1. Disable your Antivirus, Firewall, VPN, or proxy.
  2. Use an Ethernet cable to connect your computer to your modem.
  3. Reset your modem.
  4. Disconnect any Ethernet cables from the modem, then turn off modem.
  5. After 60 seconds, turn on the modem and monitor the lights on the front. Fewer lights generally indicate a problem with the modem.
  6. Once your internet connection is available, connect your devices.
  7. Release and renew your IP address, then flush your DNS.

If issues persist, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for any potential issues affecting their services or your location.

R:104 - Shadow is restarting

This error means your Shadow is currently restarting. This can be because of updates or other issues. Wait a little bit and try again. Contact Shadow Support if it takes too long.

R:105 - Unfortunately Windows encountered a crash

To correct this, please shut down your Shadow session via the launcher and restart. You can do this by clicking the ? in your launcher and choosing 'Shut Down Shadow'. If this does not work, please reach out to Shadow Support.

R:200 - Streaming server version too old

Please reach out to Shadow Support. This error means a critical shadow software on your VM is out of date or not working. Support should be able to help you.

R:201 - Critical error

If you receive this message, it means that your Shadow machine is having a problem with one of the services essential to its operation.

In this case, directly contact Shadow support giving as much information as you can to help us to find a viable and fast solution for you.

R:300 / R:301 - Your configuration / resolution does not seem to allow Shadow to work properly

Check out my post on these errors to find the best troubleshooting steps.

Troubleshooting #2 - Shadow R:300/R:301 errors


In some cases, shutting down Shadow will resolve the issue. To shut down Shadow, click the Help (?) button located in the Shadow launcher, then click Shut Down Shadow.


If Shadow does not start after shutting it down, try starting Shadow from a newer device. If Shadow starts, it's likely the older device does not meet our minimum requirements and cannot run Shadow.

To confirm your device meets our minimum requirements, choose your device's operating system below:

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Android

If your hardware meets or exceeds our minimum requirements, send Diagnostic Logs to Shadow Support for assistance.

R:302 - Video decoding error

  • Disable the "low connection " mode in the application settings  
  • Make sure your local machine is up to date (OS, driver ...)
  • Update the graphics drivers of your local machine.

If none of these work, please reach out to Shadow Support.

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