Shadow has been removed from the Apple App Store yet again.
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Shadow has been removed from the Apple App Store yet again.


In a recent announcement by Luc over on the Shadow English Discord, it looks like the iOS application of the cloud gaming platform, Shadow, has been removed from the Apple App Store.


This is not the first time this has happened. Nearly a year ago today, Shadow was removed from the Apple App Store due to "failure to act in accordance to specific part of the Apple App Store guidelines."

The reasoning for the original removal of the app was because Shadow was considered a "Gaming Platform," and according to Apple, they do not allow Launchers or Stores to be available on the App Store unless they can get a cut of everything they sell. Since Shadow allowed users to launch their games directly from the app, this was considered a "Launcher," and it violated the App Store policies.

All Cloud Gaming platforms are faced with this issue on the App Store.

Shadow could get around that issue by removing the ability to launch your game directly and essentially make the Shadow app a "Remote Desktop" style application.

This appeared to work for the last year, as Shadow was re-listed back on the App Store.

However, with the announcement today, that does not appear to be the case anymore.

Little information is known as to why the iOS app was pulled from the App Store this time.

Shadow posted a small FAQ over on their Official Forums, so you can head over there for the latest information regarding this announcement.

In the meantime, if you already have the iOS app on your phone, you can continue to use it. This only affects those that were hoping to download the application from the app store continuing forward.

This also does not affect the macOS application of Shadow.

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