Shadow is currently dealing with overheating issues in the Chicago Data Center
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Shadow is currently dealing with overheating issues in the Chicago Data Center


-Updated 01/08/2021 - 9:10 AM CST-

If you are one of the Ultra and Infinite subscribers on Shadow's Chicago Data Center, you may have noticed some degraded performance lately. This is because of an overheating issue that Shadow has been dealing with for quite some time.

As my Shadow is also on the Chicago Data Center, I have experienced some degraded performance here and there.

Shadow sent out an email to Chicago Ultra and Infinite subscribers stating that they are still working on a long-term fix for the issue. Yet, in the meantime, they have disabled the Processor's Turbo Boost feature on all Ultra/Infinite Shadows to help with the overheating.


What does this mean for you?

If you are an Ultra/Infinite subscriber, your Shadow would be utilizing the newly implemented Intel Xeon W-3235. This processor is a 3.3GH, 12-Core, 24-Thread CPU that is being split up and used for each Shadow. If you are on Shadow Ultra, you would be using 4-Cores/8-Threads of that CPU, and Infinite users use 6-Cores/12-Threads of that CPU.

However, if you look on Shadow's website, you may notice that they say you will get a CPU with a 4.4GHz clock speed. The Intel Xeon W-3235 only has 3.3GHz?

Yes and no. The W-3235 can be Turbo'd to 4.4GHz. This is the feature that Shadow usually has enabled, allowing you to utilize the 4.4GHz clock speed.


However, with more power comes more heat, which is why Shadow is currently dealing with the overheating issues. To help alleviate this, they disabled the Turbo Boost function, thus capping the Intel Xeon W-3235 to its base frequency of 3.3GHz.

Although not ideal, this is better than having your Shadow crash on you or start having significantly degraded performance.

When will the issue be fixed?

Received an answer from Luc on Shadow's Discord.

"I can tell you that we're working on the case now and hoping to have everything running normal again (w/ Turbo Boost ) as soon as possible. Right now, however, we don't have an estimation how long this will take and we'd rather not set expectations." - Luc Hancock, Shadow Community Manager

My Thoughts

To me, being able to use my Shadow with stability is much more important than squeezing every ounce of power out of it. Like many, I hope the issue gets fixed soon. But, even at 3.3GHz, Shadow Infinite is doing a heck of a job at running everything that I throw at it!

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