Shadow now offers Dynamic Bitrate while gaming
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Shadow now offers Dynamic Bitrate while gaming


Shadow, the Cloud Gaming software that gives you access to a fully functional Windows 10 PC to play your games, introduced a new feature to help with the Shadow Stream to your PC.

Introducing Dynamic Bitrate. This new feature will monitor your connection while you are actively using Shadow, and it will adjust the bandwidth usage of the Shadow Stream if your connection degrades at any point.

This means that next time your smart fridge suddenly starts another 13 GB update, or your significant other binge watches another 4K cat telenovela, your Shadow will automatically adjust to the changed bandwidth environment and continue to work smoothly. Please note, you will occasionally notice a very small drop in quality.

This is a neat feature, especially for those that live in a household with others that actively use the internet for streaming of their own, whether it be Netflix or another Cloud Gaming Service. This new feature should prevent you from noticing those large packet drops and studders.

The feature will be on by default on versions 3.6 of the client and higher. You have the option to turn it off if, for some reason, it is degrading your stream experience.

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