Shadow talks about their first month since gaining a new owner

Last updated on Jun 10, 2021

Posted on Jun 10, 2021

Today, Shadow released a blog post detailing the first month since it gained new ownership.

In search of new talent

In this recap, we see that Shadow, under their new ownership, is now looking to expand their team.

Shadow hopes to expand its team by 30 people by the end of the year. During this team, they are also restructuring current team members into new roles better fit to help progress the company as a leading cloud gaming solution.

The sole offer

Shadow touches the subject of removing Shadow Ultra and Infinite, with the mentioning of their now only being a "sole offer."

This offer will be titled "Shadow," and with the financial backing of Jezby Ventures, Shadow no longer needs to worry about the financial struggles of being a startup. Instead, they can focus on speeding up the activation of new users for the current configuration.

OVHcloud relationship

Since Jezby Ventures also owns OVH, Shadow is now considered a sister company. With the hardware, locations, technology, and knowledge of OVHcloud, Shadow is hoping to work closely with the company to expand and build up its services.

OVHcloud owns data centers throughout the world, allowing Shadow to more easily expand and set up hardware in these locations.

This relationship also leads to the need to migrate current hardware to the existing infrastructures of OVH. This began last week with the migration of add-on storage to new servers owned by Shadow/OVH instead of ones that were rented from previous partners.

Community Relations and Social Media

During this time, Shadow is also looking into new ways to communicate with users. This started with Discord's new "Stage" feature. Shadow has already used the feature once, and they have received positive feedback on the small event they held.

Shadow will also be slimming down their Social Media presence during this time, only focusing on posting essential news and information on social media platforms.

My thoughts

It took me a second to realize that it has indeed been a month since Jezby Ventures acquired Shadow. But, it is good to see that Shadow is moving forward.

From its looks, they are making progress, and I expect to see some major changes coming to Shadow this year. With the mentions of working with OVHcloud, and utilizing their current hardware, I wonder if Shadow is starting to work on the next hardware offerings. Unsure if they will continue to build out the current, legacy servers or if something new is in store for us!

I will be keeping a close eye on Shadow, and who knows, maybe I will resubscribe before year's end!

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