Tips for Cleaning Storage Space

Last updated on Nov 16, 2020

Posted on Oct 28, 2019

Update 4/30/2020 - Shadow has released the ability to purchase more storage for your Shadow PC. These tips are still valid, however you are not limited to just 256GB of storage anymore.

Welcome to "Tips & Tricks #3", today we will be talking about Storage Space on your Shadow. Shadow ships with, currently, 256GB of storage. With Windows 10 on the machine, this usually drops it to around the 200GB mark. Not a whole lot, but enough for most people. And, with Shadows awesome internet speeds, deleting a game, and downloading another does not take too terribly long. However, I will be talking about some Tips & Tricks to optimize storage usage, and make sure you have close to the maximum amount of storage available!

Tip 1 - Windows Updates

This is a HUGE culprit when it comes to storage on pretty much any Windows 10 machine. When Windows 10 Updates, it creates a Windows.Old folder. This folder can have anywhere from 10-30GB (or more) of data in it. For Shadow in particular, you may need to update Windows the day it is set up, or soon after since it is running an older version. After the update, you may notice your free storage space drop a decent amount. Here is how you can delete that Windows.Old folder and other temp files to free up some storage space.

How to delete old Windows Updates and other temp files

  1. Go to the Windows Search function, type in "Cleanup", and click on "Disk Cleanup"
    Disk Cleanup
  2. Click "Clean up System Files" on the new window (if you ran as Admin, you may be able to skip this step).
  3. Check the boxes next to what you would like to delete. I recommend "Windows Update Cleanup" and "BranchCache" if they are of significant size.
  4. Press OK, and free up some disk space!

Tip 2 - Downloads Folder

Your downloads folder can fill up rather quickly. Especially if you are constantly downloading game installers and other programs. Every once in awhile, head to your Downloads folder and delete downloaded items you do not need anymore. May not be a lot, but it could help clear up those few GB of data you need!

Tip 3 - Use 3rd party storage or an external Hard Drive

There are a bunch of cloud storage options you can use with your Shadow. OneDrive, Amazon S3, Google Drive, etc. Take a look and find one that works best for you! Another option is to use an External Hard Drive. Works great if your internet upload/download speed is good enough. I would only advise using this for pictures/videos, and not gaming, as it may hinder load times.


Shadow only having 256GB of storage can be an issue for some, especially those that do video editing, or download large games. Shadow has announced possible storage expansions in the near future, and once the new Tiering system is released, I would guess better storage options will be available. But, these tips should help you free up some storage space.

Do you have other tips for freeing up storage on your Shadow, or have other tips in general for Shadow Users? Comment them on this post!

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