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Shadow.Tips is now!


After multiple weeks of pondering this decision did not come lightly, however, I am happy to announce that Shadow.Tips is rebranding to!

Why? Well... let me tell you.

Original origin of Shadow.Tips

When I came up with the idea for Shadow.Tips, it was specifically going to be tips and guides to help users of the Shadow Cloud Gaming platform. That is how the blog originally started as. I worked on reviews, tips, guides, and anything else I can think of that could help Shadow users.

However, the blog slowly started to include more stuff. First, I started covering news on all cloud gaming platforms, and now I am also covering news on games and much more.

This is where the rebranding thought started...

Rebranding thoughts

So, when I started to blog about more than just Shadow related things, I started to realize that a name such as Shadow.Tips might not be the best for the trajectory that the blog is on.

When one sees Shadow.Tips, they may think of a website that is focused towards the Shadow cloud gaming platform, but when they go to it, they realize that it isn't just about Shadow. Vice versa, someone may see the name and only think it is about Shadow, and thus they do not navigate to the site.

This made me think, what would be best for the blog, wiki, and platforms that are utilized by the Shadow.Tips brand? What would be better for the long term?


When I was thinking about rebranding Shadow.Tips, I was thinking about what would be best. Shadow.Tips sounds like it is focused towards Shadow. So, what can it be rebranded too that would allow me to continue the vision of a "Gaming Info Network" that will utilize a blog, a wiki, YouTube, Twitch, and anything else that can be used to provide content to you?

That is where comes into play. If you think of some major gaming blogs, some of them have names that are more directed to what they write about. PCGamer, IGN, etc. But, there are quite a few that have names that do not specifically state that they are gaming blogs, but they have built the brands up into gaming-focused websites. These are blogs such as Kotaku, Siliconera, and a few more.

So, I decided to take the same path as that of blogs like Kotaku and Siliconera, and choose a name that I can build up as a brand into a Gaming focused brand. is a domain I have had for quite some time, and I decided that it looked generic enough and easily rememberable enough to use for the rebrand. and our future will continue to be what Shadow.Tips has become. The best Cloud Gaming blog on the internet! We will focus more on providing more recent content, work on more visual content like YouTube videos and Twitch streams, and we will build out the Gaming Wiki we started recently.

Everything will continue on as usual, the only thing that changed will be the name :).

I look forward to continuing this venture under the new name of, and I thank all of you, my readers, for reading and commenting on all the content we release!

Thank you, and until next time!

Lucas Zuege
Founder of (

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