One Month Later

Last updated on Jul 13, 2021

Posted on Nov 16, 2019

Oh snippity snaps! Shadow.Tips turns One Month old as of 11/17! Let me just say... wow, has it been a fun month!

If you have read my About page, you may have noticed that I am a new blogger. I have had some random blogs here and their in the past, but nothing actually stuck...

But, here I am with a blog that just turned one month old! It has been interesting. I received some great criticism and complements that I take to heart, and will use to make this blog better.

I will make a post like this once a month to go over monthly goals, statistics, and any major changes/news that will be happening in the next month so all of you know what to expect. So let us get started!

How much work was done?

Posts Published: 19

Other Completed Tasks

  • Setup commenting on the Blog via Disqus
  • Setup blog newsletter
  • Updated blog design

How many people cared?

All information below was pulled at Noon CST on 11/15/2019


  • Unique Pageviews - 1,633!!!
  • Total Pageviews - 2,143!!!
  • Subscribers - 11!!!
  • Comments - 0 :(

November 17th-December 31st

So, until the end of December, I would like to achieve a few goals with Shadow.Tips

  • Increase Unique Pageviews by 50% (2,450 unique pageviews)
  • Increase subscriber count by 100% (22 subscribers)
  • Post three times a week
    • Including more Game Benchmarks and Troubleshooting posts
  • Get people to start commenting!!!

So, of course the major goals this next month will be to grow traffic and subscribers! I want to reach more people to try and spread the awesomeness of Shadow, and help those who are having issues with it.

I would like to continue posting at least 3 times a week, and I will try and focus on more troubleshooting posts and Game Benchmark posts, as the ladder has been requested guite a few times.

I am also hoping for you guys to start commenting :). If you have some feedback on a post, or things to add to the posts, please comment! It would be awesome if you did!

Final Thoughts

First month down, another month to go! I am exstatic by the first month of Shadow.Tips. I wasn't expecting anyone to really even spend the time to read it, let alone subscribe! But here we are, and I would love to continue to grow this blog, and continue to provide useful content to all of you!

I also may have a surprise if Shadow.Tips reaches all of my above goals over this next month :), so feel free to share this blog to help reach these goals!

I am open to feedback, so if you have any thoughts on my first month of blogging, or any recommendations for what I should focus on this next month, feel free to comment! The more feedback I get, the better this blog will be!

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