Shadow Ultra and Infinite are coming to the US!
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Shadow Ultra and Infinite are coming to the US!


I recently posted an article about the Shadow news that would be announced today. In the article, I mentioned what I thought the announcement could be, and the one I wanted the most ended up being the announcement!

Shadow has announced that the Ultra and Infinite tiers will be making their way to the United States Datacenters starting with the Chicago Datacenter at the end of November. From there, the tiers will be slowly rolled out to the other three Datacenters over the coming months.

For those that do not know what the Shadow Ultra and Infinite tiers are, you can check out an article I wrote a while back: Shadow announced new tiers for the US.

Although the hardware may not be the latest 3000 series of NVIDIA cards, getting access to a significantly faster CPU and an RTX 2080 or TITAN RTX equivalent for $24.99 a month or $39.99 a month, respectively, is just getting me all gitty!


As my Shadow is based in the Chicago Datacenter, I hope to get my hands on the Shadow Infinite tier first. From there, I plan on getting the Ultra and Boost tiers to begin benchmarking multiple games.

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