Shadow Unified Client 3.4 has been released
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Shadow Unified Client 3.4 has been released


One of the features I like about using Shadow is that Shadow has a Unified Client. They do their best to allow feature parity across all platforms while making the client look the same. This allows for easy transitions between platforms with few disruptions.

On October 7th, Luc from Shadow announced the version 3.4 update for the Shadow Unified Client. This update brings some changes that are rolled out to all platforms, while some platform-specific updates.

With the new update, there has been an improvement to the stability when switching between different devices with different resolutions, USB Forwarding peripherals are saved, and the Maximum bitrate and H.265 encoding settings are synced between the Unified Launcher and the Quick Launcher.

There is also some excellent quality of life updates coming to the launcher itself. You will be able to see an average of how much Bandwidth you would use per hour with the selected bandwidth setting, settings are sorted into categories, the limited frame rate option is now officially available in the launcher, and more!

The client for Mac's also received some updates.

You can find the full release notes below:

All platforms

  • Your games shouldn't crash anymore when switching between different devices with different resolutions as we won't apply the change while you are in a game.
  • USB forwarded peripherals are now automatically saved for your next sessions.
  • Maximum bitrate and High Efficiency Video Coding (H.265) settings are now synced between the Quick Menu & the launcher.
Image Credits: Shadow.Tech


  • The Shadow update system will now alert you if you are about to switch between different Shadow versions (Official, Beta, Alpha).
  • Display data consumption per hour to help you estimate your data needs depending on the bandwidth setting.
  • All the settings are now sorted into categories and they feature much more detailed descriptions.
  • Releasing the "Limited frame rate" setting in the launcher: this setting will improve low-end configurations support when the hardware decoding capacities are limited.
  • Adding a "clear redirected device list" option to restore automatic USB forwarded devices on the local machine.
  • Add reset setting option in the launcher to clean all Shadow settings (Launcher and Quick Menu).


  • Adding support for the Steelseries Nimbus+ game controller.
  • Adding a "close stream" and "shutdown" button in the Touch Bar.
  • Fix a bug where the cursor was stuck on the edge of the screen in locked mode.

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