Shadow's Flaws 11/9

Last updated on Jul 13, 2021

Posted on Nov 9, 2019

Shadow is an amazing service. I have loved using it EVERY SINGLE DAY since I subscribed to it. But, like many products out there, Shadow does have its flaws.

I will be going over some flaws I have noticed while using Shadow, parusing Reddit and Discord, and scavenging the web. These flaws are noticed as of the date this blog post was published, and may be out of date by the time you read this! It will then be a good way to see how far Shadow has come if you read this post in a year or two or longer ;).

So... let us get going on some flaws I have noticed with Shadow!

Color Rendering

Shadow is, theoretically, a stream. Much like how you watch your favorite Netflix show, or the newest video from your favorite Youtuber, you are "watching" your Shadow while sending inputs to it.

I personally think this technology is amazing, but it does have some flaws, and that is colors. The Nvidia control panel in Shadow states 8bit colors, however, some people on Reddit have reported that it appears to be streaming with 6bit colors.

Shadow also has terrible Gamma, and thus games that are overall darker, or have areas that are darker, the black will blend. This leads to difficulty seeing and a few other issues.

Shadow has stated that they are working on HDR compatibility, which should hopefully bring 10bit coloring along with it, and that should fix this issue.

Storage Issues

Currently, Shadow ships with 256GB of storage. This is enough for some (like me who only plays Final Fantasy XIV), but to others, this is not nearly enough. A lot of newer games coming out easily eat up 130+ GB of storage, and when you want to play multiple games, that severely limits your Shadow experience.

Shadow has announced their new tiering system, and the Ultra and Infinite tiers will have 512GB and 1TB of storage respectively. So this should help alleviate some of the pain.

Otherwise, you can take a look at one of my Tips & Tricks articles - Tips & Tricks #3 - Cleaning Storage Space for some sweet tips on how to keep your storage on your Shadow clean!

Internet Reliant

This isn't necessarily a Shadow flaw, but more of a "Cloud Gaming" requirement. Shadow, and other Cloud Gaming platforms REQUIRE you to have a decent internet service.

If you have anything less then 30 mbps download, your Cloud Gaming experience will suffer.

If you have an Internet Service Provider that has degrading lines, and thus leads to significant packet loss/latency, your Cloud Gaming experience will suffer.

Shadow has, however, done a lot of work in that category to lower latency between you and your Shadow PC, however your internet can still negatively affect your Shadow experience.

If you plan on getting Shadow, Stadia, or any other Cloud Gaming service, do make sure your internet can handle it.

Final Thoughts

Even though this blog has a focus on Shadow, I do not want to be biased specifically to Shadow. I want to be real with my readers. Shadow has its flaws. Shadow may not be the best for everyone.

Do I like it? Heck yeah!

Do I get frustrated with it sometimes? Yep.

Will I ever leave the service? Not sure, if I am being honest. Shadow is an amazing product, and works 99% of the time for me. I want to see Shadow grow. But life has its ways, and I never know what may happen a few years down the line for me, or even Shadow.

Shadow will have its flaws, and I am not afraid to point them out on this blog. But I will say this. My personal experience is that Shadow has done an amazing job answering requests of the masses. They may not be the "quickest", which in the business world nothing is really quick. But, they do a darn good job.

All of these flaws/opinions I shared are from what I have noticed. If you have noticed other flaws with Shadow, do comment them below! I want to hear from you all about your experiences and quirks with Shadow!

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