Shadow's iOS app has been removed from the App Store

Last updated on Nov 16, 2020

Posted on Feb 26, 2020

Update 2/27/2020: The Shadow iOS app has offically been removed from the Apple App Store.
I have received a response from Shadow stating that they will release more information once they finish investigating.

On February 26th, /u/Mr_Shadow_Guy announced on the ShadowPC Reddit that the Shadow iOS app will be removed from the Apple App Store for failure to act in accordance to specific part of the Apple App Store guidelines.

Shadow is currently investigating the issue and they are hoping to get the iOS app available for all as soon as possible.

Per the post from Reddit...

Current situation:

  • We have been told by Apple our apps will be imminently removed from the App Store
  • The iPhone app is still available (at this time of writing)
  • We will be unable to update the app once removed from the App Store
  • This includes all Shadow TestFlight apps (beta version)

Other info:

  • The Apple TV App is currently not affected
  • It might be removed as well
  • We will not be able to update it in the future

Quick Tips:

  • Don't delete the app: it will still be usable in its current state even after it’s removed from the store
  • Download it now: if you haven't already, download the app now (even if you don’t have an active subscription yet)

I have sent an email to Shadow regarding this issue, and I will update this post once I hear back, or an update on Reddit is posted!

I hope this is indeed temporary, and Shadow is able to get the app back on the app store as this could be a huge blow to them otherwise!

What are your thoughts on the iOS app getting removed from the App Store? Comment below!

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