Should you start Cloud Gaming with Shadow?
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Should you start Cloud Gaming with Shadow?


Hello all! This post will be focusing on those who are on the fence for Cloud Gaming with Shadow and are thinking of trying it. I will be going over my thoughts on cloud gaming, as well as going over if it is right for the games you want to play, etc.

Let us start!

Why should you start Cloud Gaming?

You can use it on pretty much any device!

Well, first of all, the ability to stream to pretty much any device, from your phone to your computer, allows for a wide range of devices that you can play your favorite games from.

The computer/device, however, does have to meet Shadow's minimum requirements and depending on what resolution you want to stream at (1080p, 1440p, 4k, etc), you need to make sure your device is compatible with outputting those resolutions.

It can be cheaper!

One of the best things about Cloud Gaming is that it can cost less overall than building your own gaming PC. However, a lot of variables do matter, such as how often you use it, what device you are cloud gaming from, the cost of electricity in your location, etc. Check out my blog post, Shadow vs Building a PC for more information on what it may cost!

If you can get your hands on a Shadow Ghost, this makes the cost savings even better as it only uses around 7wh of electricity! If you do not know what the Shadow Ghost is, check out my Shadow Ghost Review/First Impressions.

Can assist with disconnections!

So, say you are playing on a game server where you just spent five hours waiting in the queue. You start playing, and then you get disconnected from the server. You soon find out that your internet had a blip, and it caused you to lose your spot on the game, and now you have to wait in the queue... AGAIN!

With Shadow, this situation will happen less. Your Shadow PC is connected to an enterprise-grade network that allows for 99% uptime. If your internet were to fault out, and disconnect, you will only lose connection to your Shadow, while your Shadow will stay logged in for at least thirty more minutes.

This may still not be ideal, and the situations for where this may help are few, but it does assist with it!

Always upgraded

Most Cloud Gaming solutions offer an "always updated" gaming rig. This usually means that the device you connect too via the game stream will be upgraded every couple of years. This will allow you to be able to play new games at 60+ frames-per-second!

At the time of this post, Shadow has announced three new tiers that will offer up to a Titan RTX equivalent! Pretty awesome, right?

Always Available

Cloud Gaming solutions will allow you to game pretty much any time without worry of your hardware failing. If a piece of hardware that your Shadow uses fails, you will be switched over to another piece of hardware. The most you may encounter is a disconnect or delay in restarting your cloud gaming service.

This is especially nice if you have bad luck with your own gaming hardware as I do... But, enough talk about that!

Why Cloud Gaming may not be for you

Cloud Gaming is pretty awesome, but there are some requirements and negatives to using services such as Shadow.

High bandwidth usage

Cloud Gaming services, like Shadow, require a decent internet connection and internet speed to run without any issue.

For example, Shadow requires at least 15mbps download to use it at 1080p resolution and 60 frames-per-second. And even then, you may notice some stream issues and quality loss. Even at 15mbps, you will end up using nearly 7GB of data per hour.

If you have data caps on your internet, you may end up hitting these while using a cloud gaming service.

Added Latency

Latency is a huge factor when it comes to gaming, especially if you are a competitive gamer. Latency, in general, is the delay from when you do an input on your keyboard/mouse, and when it does the action on the game you are playing.

Depending on how far away from the Data Center your Cloud gaming service is on, your latency will be 15ms+. For most games, this should not be too much of an issue, unless you have ridiculously high latency. But, for those that play competitive games like FPS, RTS, or even Fighting games, this may cause some annoyance/getting used too.

If you want to learn more about Latency, check out my other post Latency and Ping to learn more about it!

It is not perfect

At the time of this post, Cloud Gaming is still a new technology, and that means you may run into some more issues then you would with gaming on your own hardware. As Cloud Gaming technology grows and becomes better, these issues should lessen, but I just wanted to warn you, especially those who are inpatient, that issues will occur.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the decision to Cloud Gaming comes down too what type of games you play, and what you expect from it. Cloud Gaming is not perfect, but it is still amazing. I love using Shadow for gaming, as the pros far outweigh the cons for me. But, for you, this may not be the case.

Try it out! Try different services. Find the one that works best for you. If none of them work out, continue on gaming the way that works best for you :)!

Have anything to add to this post, or have comments/feedback? Feel free to comment below! I look forward to them :)!

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