Stadia not offering enough for devs/publishers to bring games over

Last updated on Nov 16, 2020

Posted on Mar 1, 2020

Since the beginning, Stadia has had some trouble getting gamers to use its platform. From a rocky launch to a lack of games, Stadia has been struggling to hold its place in the Cloud Gaming world.

Recently, Stadia has been announcing a handful of titles for the Stadia platform, however, it is still far from the 120+ titles Stadia has said will be added to the platform this year.

Well, now we may know why so few games are being released on Stadia.

One Reason why few devs/publishers are bringing their games to Stadia

Lack of incentives. Ultimately, if you want a company to work with you, you need to offer them enough incentives to give them a good reason to agree.

Stadia does not appear to be doing that.

According to Business Insider, they have gotten a lot of reports from Game Devs and Producers that Stadia is not offering decent enough incentives for them to port their games over to the Stadia platform.

They stated that one such Executive Producer they talked too said that the offer was "so low that it wasn't even part of the conversation."

Another developer stated that most platforms start with mentioning their incentives and that Google Stadia barely had an incentive to offer.

It does not sound like Stadia is willing to invest enough to get games on their platform.

Other Thoughts

With Google Stadia currently only having 28 games on its platform, they need to amp it up.

Since Stadia launched back in November of 2019, it has been plagued with issues and troubles. They have had a hard time trying to convince gamers to give the platform a try.

I personally think that Google Stadia is brilliant, and Google had the right idea starting out, but they have poorly executed the release and continue to mismanage it.

What are your thoughts on how Google Stadia is doing? I look forward to your comments!

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