Star Wars: The Old Republic available to download for free on Steam

Star Wars: The Old Republic available to download for free on Steam

Star Wars: The Old Republic, the popular Star Wars MMO, is now available on Steam. You can head over to Steam today and download it and start playing as a Jedi, Sith, Bounty Hunter, and more.

When the game launched back in 2011, it brought to the table what many MMO's rarely did. A fully-voiced MMORPG with a decision-driven story. Many players enjoyed the story as it got you into deciding what the best decision was for each scenario you encountered.

The core game is free to play; however, there is an optional subscription that you can get for $15 a month. This subscription will give you access to all of the game's expansions, increased level cap, increased XP rates, increased Renown gain, increased Reputation gain, an additional character slot, and more.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is the only currently available Star Wars MMORPG that can be played. With a free-to-play option that offers a lot of content, it is one of the best ways to experience a Star Wars game.

I have not played the game in a while, only playing it when it launched back in 2011. Maybe I will jump back into the game and give it another go!

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