Stardew Valley's next update will have split-screen Co-Op

Stardew Valley's next update will have split-screen Co-Op

Stardew Valley, one of the best farming RPG's that can be played, will be getting split-screen co-op in the upcoming 1.5 update. This announcement came from the game's creator on Twitter.

The split-screen co-op will support up to four simultaneous screens on PC, and for some consoles, it will be limited to two. This will probably be true for the Nintendo Switch, as it has lower specifications than that of other consoles and PC.

With this update, Stardew Valley now supports both Online multiplayer gameplay and local co-op. This makes Stardew Valley excellent for playing with your friends during the pandemic through online play, and when the pandemic calms down, you can have your friends over for some co-op Stardew Valley play!

I am excited to try this update out once it hits!

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