Temtem's next major update, Kisiwa Island, to arrive July 21st

Temtem's next major update, Kisiwa Island, to arrive July 21st

Crema, the developers of the Pokemon-like RPG Temtem, has announced that the next major update for the game will arrive tomorrow, July 21st.

This update will bring a new island, 23 new Temtem with new attack animations, new story missions, new biome, and climbing gear items for the new environments. This is the Summer 2020 update that Crema has promised earlier.

In the update, we will also be getting chat functions in the game. The chat will feature different tabs and other features that will make chatting more secure and safe in the game, such as blocking users, reporting, warnings and mutes, and more.

You will also be able to create "Clubs," which is Temtem's version of Clans/Guilds. There are many more features, and you can check them all out over at the official announcement post at Crema's website.

One more thing to note is that this update will raise the price of the game from $35 to $37.50. Each consecutive major update will introduce price increases to the game as well.

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