Terraria has released its final update, and it's massive!
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Terraria has released its final update, and it's massive!


Nine years ago, a game that I thought was just a 2D version of Minecraft launched. This game is Terraria, and boy was I wrong about my initial impressions of it.

Since then, the game has gone through many major updates. Each one bringing new content, quality of life changes, and fixes and tweaks to the current content. Well, after nine years, the developers of Terraria have finally released an update that they consider to be the final major update to the game and the update that will make Terraria a "complete" game.

The update named "Journey's End" is fitting for the final update to the game. From new items to new biomes and bosses, this update is huge and brings an essay-length list of changes to the game.

"This update has been a labor of love, tirelessly worked on by our team over a good while, and we truly feel that it brings Terraria to the next level, to a place where the core game can finally be called 'complete'," developer Re-Logic said in a forum post.

The final update introduces two new modes to the game. Journey Mode, and Master Mode.

Journey Mode allows players to experience a more "accessible" version of Terraria. This mode allows players to adjust the game's difficulty, research blocks, and enemies, and change the weather of the game. The research allows you to duplicate blocks and deal extremely high amounts of damage to enemies.

Think Terraria, but a heck of a lot more difficult. Master Mode gives players who think the base difficulties of Terraria are a little on the easy side. This will give players a new challenging experience when playing through Terraria.

On top of those two modes, the new update includes over 1000 new items, 400+ bug fixes and exploit fixes, and the release of the tModLoader as an official Terraria DLC. If you do not know what tModLoader is, it is a fan-made mod tool built for Terraria, and the Terraria Devs thought that since this is their final update to the game, the best thing to do would be to hand it over to the players to continue to create mods to the game to keep it "fresh" for months/years to come.

If you have never played Terraria, I highly recommend it! So check it out!

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