Terraria releases its final update! Wait... what?

Terraria releases its final update! Wait... what?

Back in May, developer Re-Logic released what they called the "final" update to Terraria. It was titled Journey's End, and it added a massive amount of content to the game since it was the final update.

Shockingly, Journey's End was not the final update. Re-logic has decided to announce that patch 1.4.1 is now available for Terraria. It includes a handful of final tweaks, a new final NPC, new achievements, and End Credits.
Re-logic does say that this will be the actual final update, so they named this patch, Journey's Actual End.

This update is only available for the PC version of Terraria. Re-Logic has stated that Terraria Mobile will be getting the 1.4 update soon. The console version of the game does not have an expected release date for the 1.4 update.

Will this be the final update for Terraria? Or could we see another update titled, "Journey's Actual End, For real this time!" in the future.

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