The Shadow iOS app is back on the App Store!
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The Shadow iOS app is back on the App Store!


In a recent forum post on Shadow's Community Forum, it looks like the Shadow iOS app is back on the Apple App Store.

If you did not know, back on February 12th, Shadow was removed from the App Store for unknown reasons.

In the new blog post, posted by Luc from Shadow, it looks like the removal of Shadow was due to them thinking that Shadow was just a game streaming platform. However, "Shadow provides a full Windows 10 PC, rather than a library of games." This allows Shadow to comply with App Store guidelines, and Shadow was able to get their app back on the Apple App Store.

That is not all, though. Even with Shadow being removed from the App Store, they have worked hard to release a new iOS app version. This new version introduces "Maximum Adaptive Bitrate." According to Luc, "this new feature will detect any instability in your connection and will adjust the maximum bitrate to always provide the most fluid stream. When your connection becomes stable again, the initial value will be restored."

Other quality-of-life improvements have been added to the update as well; they can be found below:

  • Improved external screen support

  • Fix of display bug that kept the progress of your Shadow update at 0%

Good to see that Shadow is back on iOS!

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