This is why you can't use Android Emulators on Shadow

Last updated on Jul 14, 2021

Posted on Jan 8, 2020

So you are a big android fan and want to use your favorite emulator like Bluestack on your Shadow PC. However, when you go to try it, you find out that you can not launch your emulator, and you are left confused and upset.

Well, unfortunately, you are unable to run Android emulators on Shadow, and here is why.


Shadow is a virtual machine. This means that it is not an actual physical computer, but instead, a Virtual Machine file that is loaded whenever you start your machine on a Virtual Machine host.

These virtual machine hosts are usually made up of a handful of servers that has the computing power and Graphics Cards installed to load up your Shadow with a physical graphics card.

You can also host virtual machines on a physical computer thanks to Hyper-V for Windows computers and KVM/QEMU for Linux based computers. However, other programs can enable a virtual environment, and most android emulators are technically Virtualization clients.

When you launch Bluestacks or any similar android emulator, it is creating a virtual machine to launch the Android operating system on. And this is where it gets tricky when trying to use these with Shadow.

Virtualization Technology

Most computers nowadays come equipped with virtualization technology such as VT-X, Intel Virtualization technology, AMD-V, etc. These can be enabled/disabled via your computers BIOS.

For you to use a virtualization client, you must have these enabled. However, Shadow has this setting disabled on the BIOS, and there is no way to access your Shadow's BIOS to enable this.

Why is VT disabled on Shadow?

I do not have a direct answer for you, but my guess would be the fact that Shadow is meant for gaming and some professional work. Using Virtual Machines on your Shadow could mean you may be using your Shadow for server related things.

Virtualization also puts a load on the hardware that is running the virtual machines. The more virtual machines you have running, the more constant strain your host machine will have.

You can also do a lot of other things on virtual machines that you are unable to do on your regular Shadow, which could violate Shadow's Terms of Use.

Will it ever be enabled on Shadow?

Most likely not. To extend hardware life the best they can whilst sticking true to what Shadow is advertised as, the enablement of Virtualization Technology will not happen. Ultimately, this means any emulator that requires some sort of virtualization will not work on Shadow.

This may be a game-changer for some, especially if you are an Android developer or similar that requires one of such programs.

Final Thoughts

If I could use android emulators on Shadow, I surely would, however, it is not a negative for me. For others, this may be.

I just wanted to write up a quick post as to why Android emulators do not work, and if you were planning on getting Shadow hoping to use one of these emulators, unfortunately, you will not be able too :(.

You can, however, use Shadow for a lot of other things! You can check out my post on Ways to use your Shadow for more information :)

Thank you for reading!

It has come to my attention that some Android "emulators" do work, however, they may not be a full android operating system, but instead launchers to play some games. Ex. Gameloop.

Have anything to add to this blog post, or have some feedback? Feel free to comment below!

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