THQ's parent company, Embracer Group, has acquired 4A Games

THQ's parent company, Embracer Group, has acquired 4A Games

The parent company of THQ, Embracer Group, has announced multiple acquisitions that include a few game developers. These acquisitions include game developers such as 4A Games, New World Interactive, Rare Earth Games, and many more.

The most notable of the bunch is 4A Games, who develop the Metro games. The acquisition was for $36 million, and it was made through Embracer Group's wholly-owned subsidiary Saber Interactive.

"Embracer Group and Saber Interactive are the perfect partners for 4A Games and for our next phase of growth. Together we will continue to build on the Metro franchise and will focus on bringing a multiplayer experience to our fan base. We look forward to building a new and even more ambitious AAA IP in the near future." - Dean Sharpe, Chief Exec, 4A Games

4A Games recently released Metro Exodus back in 2019 and has since released multiple DLC's for the game. 4A Games will work directly under Saber Interactive and will continue to work on games in the Metro franchise and other AAA titles.

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