Shadow is a Virtual Machine!

Last updated on Nov 16, 2020

Posted on Oct 17, 2019

Hello all! Welcome to the first official post of Shadow.Tips "Tips & Tricks". These posts will be a collection of Tips and Tricks, that can help provide you a better Shadow experience. Our first Tips & Tricks is that Shadow is a Virtual Machine!

What do you mean?

Your Shadow PC is not an actual physical computer. Instead, it is a "Virtual Machine" that is ran on hardware shared with other Shadow Users. Yes, you will get dedicated hardware for your Shadow VM when you power it up, but it will not always be the exact same hardware over and over. The fact that it is a VM allows for you to continue to access your Shadow VM, even if a Hardware fails, as different Hardware will be provisioned to your VM.

So what is the Tip?

My tip is this... Understand that Shadow is a Virtual Machine.

In the IT world, Virtual Machines are widely used for multiple things. In fact, this website is running on a Virtual Machine. The best thing about Virtual Machines? They are easier to rebuild then physical machines! If I were to say, configure something incorrectly on the server running this Website, I could cause this website to break, and be unavailable. If it was on a physical server, I would need to go to the physical server, spend the time reimaging it, setting it up, etc. And, if there is a Hardware issue, then I have to spend the time waiting for parts, and installation. Since this website is running on a Virtual Machine, I can just blow it away, and spin up a new one in a matter of minutes. Then BAM! The website is back up! Yes, I simplified the process a bit, but for the most part, that is what makes Virtual Machines so amazing.

So, why am I telling you all of this? Well simple, resetting your VM will probably be the quickest way to fix any major issue you may be facing. Shadow has a bunch of software on each VM working together to make sure it streams to your PC without much issues, but if one of those software breaks, then it can make your Shadow experience poor. Resetting your VM will wipe and recreate your Shadow, with working software, so you can get back to gaming quickly!

So another thing to understand from this process is to make sure to backup important files to a location not on your Shadow. This way, if you do need to reset your VM, those files will be safe can be moved back easily once your VM is finished resetting. Know that your VM may need to be reset at some point, and making sure to backup important files, will make your Shadow experience infinitely better, and you won't get frustrated when Support recommends resetting your VM!

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