Torchlight III is unlocking its third act on June 30th

Torchlight III is unlocking its third act on June 30th

Those with access to the Torchlight III early access will be able to play the third and final act this Tuesday, June 30th. In a trailer released, you can get a glimpse of Echonok, the new zone that will be the basis for Act 3.

This area, filled with dungeons full of unique enemies, bosses, and loot, will let players explore an area that was once home to a dwarven civilization that built engineering spectacles. However, they left behind hostile, steam-powered automatons. Not only will you have to watch out for these automatons, but also the Vultura, a race of vulture-like scavengers that have taken home in Echonok, and have merged with the technology to become cyborgs.

Players will have to travel to the new location and fight these enemies to complete their quest to stop the invasion by the demonic Netherim.

Are you excited about the release of the final act?

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