Trackmania Nations Remake will include a free edition and two others

Trackmania Nations Remake will include a free edition and two others

Not too long ago, Ubisoft announced that they would be remaking their arcade racer, Trackmania Nations, titled Trackmania. The new Trackmania will have three available editions at launch.

The first being a free edition, named "Starter Access," will be free. You will be able to play a rotating series of campaigns that refresh every three months, race on 25 official tracks, and have access to user-created tracks. You will also be able to "try" the track, skin, and replay editors.

The second edition is named "Standard Access." This edition will cost $10 a year, giving you access to all the editing tools. You will also be able to access every user-created track of the day track and all the campaigns whenever you want, instead of being stuck with the rotating campaigns that the free edition has.

The final edition, and the most expensive edition, is named "Club Access." It will run you $30 a year, or $60 if you purchase the three-year bundle. With this edition, you will be able to join clubs, access Club Access-only lobbies, get exclusive skins, and access exclusive competitions. Ubisoft Nadeo will also host the Open Grand League tournaments, which will serve as qualifiers for the Trackmania Grand League Competitions.

It is nice to know that the game can be played for free, although $10/$30 a year is not that bad to access more features of the game!

What are your thoughts on this payment model?

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