Trials of Mana 1.1.0 update adds new difficulties
Trials of Mana Square Enix Games

Trials of Mana 1.1.0 update adds new difficulties


Square Enix's fantasy adventure game, Trials of Mana will be updated to version 1.1.0 on October 14th. This patch will add a couple of things, but the most notable is the new difficulties being added to the game.

With Trials of Mana 1.1.0, you will be able to attempt to play the game with two new difficulties, "No Future" and "Very Hard." Starting with "Very Hard," you can only select this difficulty in the New Game+ mode. This means that you will be starting the game over, but everything will be more challenging.

The "No Future" difficulty is a whole different story. Like the other difficulty being released this patch, you will only be able to select the "No Future" difficulty when in the New Game+ mode. This means that you will start at level 1, but everything will be much more challenging. Monsters and bosses will have increased strength and health, timed battles, and items are limited.

The best part about the "No Future" difficulty? If you can beat the game, you will be rewarded with cute rabbit slippers!


Along with the new difficulties, you will now be able to skip the class-change scenes and the end credits, you can carry over costumes when you reset your class or start a New Game+, New Goddess Statues have been added, and a bunch of fixes and adjustments.

Make sure you get those cute rabbit slippers!

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