Troubleshooting Poor Shadow Quality

Troubleshooting Poor Shadow Quality


So, you just subscribed to Shadow. Downloaded the client. Start it up, only to find out that your Shadow stream is choppy, broken, or having other issues?

In this post, I will be talking about some troubleshooting tips you can try doing to get your stream working. Feel free to comment any other troubleshooting tips I may have missed for this issue :). The more we have, the better!

#1 - Check Hardware Compatibility

This is something that should always be done first. Shadow works on an extremely wide range of devices. Old or new, Shadow can most likely be ran. However, it doesn't mean that it will run smoothly.

What you want to do, is make sure your device can handle streaming Shadow at the resolution you are attempting. The best way to do this is to review your hardware specifications vs SHadow's recommended Specifications.

Shadow Hardware Recommendation


If your processor is older then what is minimally required, then you will have issues running Shadow. Another thing you can do is google the name of your processor and see what the max resolution is + video playback benchmarks of said processor.

#2 - Integrated vs Dedicated GPU

Another issue I have noticed is when you use a laptop (or desktop) that should be able to handle Shadow without any issue, yet your stream is lagging or you are having issues launching Shadow. I have noticed this issue with computers using the Nvidia Optimus or similar software.

This software automatically selects whether the program you are launching should use the integrated graphics on your processor, or the dedicated graphics card in your computer.

If you are having issues with Shadow, and you have a computer with the same or similar software running, try forcing the Shadow client to use one or the other, instead of having it auto select. Shadow may run better on your dedicated card vs your integrated graphics and vice versa.

#3 - Try Stable/Beta/Alpha clients

This is kind of a automatic when it comes to troubleshooting pretty much any Shadow streaming issue. Always try the other client versions. If you are an avid Alpha user, and you have Shadow issues, always check the Beta/Stable client first before moving forward with other troubleshooting issues.

It just may be that a recent update broke something, or if you have issues with Stable, the beta/alpha clients may have a fix for the issue you are experiencing. The Stable and Beta clients can be found on the downloads page, and the Alpha client can be found on the Shadow Discord.

Final Thoughts

We all wish Shadow worked 100% of the time, but unfortunately, that probably will not happen. You will run into issues, and you may get frustrated. However, most issues should be able to be fixed, and I hope that these troubleshooting steps can help you fix the problem you are experiencing!

If you have done other troubleshooting steps that can help assist with the issue of poor Shadow quality, then feel free to comment below!

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