Troubleshooting Shadow R:300/R:301 errors

Last updated on Nov 16, 2020

Posted on Dec 14, 2019

So, you get home from a long day at work. You change into comfortable clothes, sit down at your desk or on your couch. Turn on your computer and proceed to connect to the Shadow client. But, today is just not your day, as you see that dreaded message comes across your shadow launcher.


"NOOOOOO!" you scream, as you realize you will not be able to relax and just play some games! Well, Shadow.Tips is here to the rescue!

Today, on "Troubleshooting", we will be talking about the dreaded R:300/R:301 errors. This error is probably the most talked-about error at the time of this post.

What are they?

The R:300/R:301 errors indicate, according to Shadow, that the device currently being used to connect to Shadow may not be compatible. Basically, it is an error with starting the streaming software on your device.

It is usually triggered when your computer is unable to start the streaming service to view your Shadow.

You may be wondering why you may be seeing this type of error, especially on a device you have used for Shadow before you got this error. Well, there are a few variables as to why your Shadow Streaming service may have crashed at launch and triggered this error.

What causes it?

Well, first and foremost, a device that does not meet the minimum requirements of Shadow will most likely trigger this error. However, if you are using a device that can run Shadow, there may be a few reasons.

Out of date graphics drivers

One of the number one possibilities to receiving this error on your device is probably the fact that your Graphics Driver is out of date, or has become corrupted. This can be fixed by heading to your graphics cards website (Nvidia, AMD, Intel), and searching for the correct graphics drivers.

Install the most recent versions of said driver, and then attempt to launch Shadow again. If you still receive the error, let us try the next possible solution.

Windows version out of date

This may not be the case, but using a version of windows behind that of your Shadow could cause some issues. Although it is not likely, it still may be a good idea to update to the most recent version of Windows. This is especially important if you are running Windows 10.

Computer needs a reboot

This one is simple, yet effective! Sometimes, if your computer hasn't been rebooted in quite a while, a simple reboot may fix most issues you experience.

Quick Note, if you "Shut Down" your Windows-based computer every night, this puts it in hibernation mode, unless you have Fast Boot disabled. Make sure to fully reboot your PC at least once a week by using the "Restart" option in the power menu!

The streamer on your Shadow failed

This will probably be the most common right after out of date graphics drivers. Sometimes, when your Shadow is booting up, some of the software Shadow uses to send the stream from your Shadow PC to your computer can fail to launch.

If this happens, you can go to the help menu (?), and select Shut Down Shadow like the image below...

Image credits - Shadow.Tech

What if all of those fixes do not work?

The best bet would be to reach out to Shadow Support. They should be able to check to see if the issue is on their end or your end.

Preventative Measures

So, what can you do to "prevent" this error from popping up? Not much, unfortunately. However, as a backup solution, you can install a third-party remote desktop application to remote into your Shadow when you Shadow Client is unable too.

This way, you can remote in and reboot your Shadow, or reboot specific Shadow services/software to try and get your stream going. I highly suggest not playing games through these third-party clients, since you will most likely have a poor experience.

Check out programs like Chrome remote desktop and Teamviewer if you are interested in installing one of these.

Final Thoughts

I have had my fair share of Shadow errors since I started using Shadow. Yes, some can be annoying, but only one of them caused me to reset my Shadow PC.

If you run into errors, especially when using the Beta/Alpha clients. Do your best to troubleshoot, and report any findings to Shadow support. This will help the developers out, and make Shadow better!

If you are unable to fix the issue and end up having to reset your Shadow PC, understand that this will happen again. Make sure you use cloud storage to backup important documents and always make sure to reach out to Shadow Support if you need to pull files from your Shadow before resetting. They can get you FTP access to your Shadow to download files.

Anyways, I hope this post was helpful for some who may have this issue! Until next time :).

Have any other troubleshooting steps or fixes for the R:300/R:301 errors? Feel free to comment them below, or email me at! The more information we have, the better!

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