Troubleshooting L:102, L:104, L:200 Errors

Last updated on Jul 14, 2021

Posted on Dec 18, 2019

Another common error you may encounter while attempting to connect to your Shadow will be the L:102, L:104, and L:200 errors. This iteration of Troubleshooting, we will be going over these errors, and what possible solutions there are to fix them.

What are they?

These errors mean that your Shadow client was unable to initiate the Shadow Stream and connect to it, thus giving you one of these errors.

What causes them?

The streaming software on your Shadow failed to load.

This is probably the main reason why you may see this error. When your Shadow boots up, it has to load up all necessary software to stream to your client successfully. If any of the software does not load, it can cause this error.

This usually happens when you let your Shadow hibernate vs shutting it down when you are done using it. Hibernation can cause the software to crash, thus causing the client to throw that error.

The best way to fix this error is to go to the help menu (?), and select "Shut Down Shadow". Wait about 10 minutes, and then try starting your Shadow again. This should allow for enough time for the VM to completely shut down, and boot up, hopefully without any issues.

Your Shadow is currently doing Windows Updates

If you install Windows Updates before shutting your PC down/rebooting, then there will be a delay in how long it will take to boot up. If you wait 10-15 minutes, and then try connecting again, you should be able to start the Shadow Stream, as your Windows Update should be completed.

Be careful forcefully shutting down your Shadow via the Help Menu (?) if you believe it might be updating. This can cause Operating System issues!

Internet Connection is unstable

If your internet connection becomes unstable, you may receive these errors. Try rebooting your Modem/Router and your device that you are using to run Shadow. This should alleviate most issues.

You can also do a traceroute via Select your data center, and make sure your IP is set correctly. This will run a traceroute to see if there are any drops/delays in the path to your selected datacenter.

What if all of those fixes do not work?

You will probably need to reach out to Shadow Support. They can give you an idea of whether or not your issue is on their end or your end. Sometimes, a controller fails on your Shadow, and it requires a reset to fix. Hopefully, that does not happen to you though :).

If Shadow Support is unable to help, you may need to contact your ISP to find out if there are any network issues in your general area.

Preventative Measures

Much like the R:300/R:301 errors from Troubleshooting #2, you can install a third-party remote desktop application to attempt to connect to your Shadow if your launcher fails.

This way, you can remote in and reboot your Shadow, or reboot specific Shadow services/software to try and get your stream going. I highly suggest not playing games through these third-party clients, since you will most likely have a poor experience.

Check out programs like Chrome remote desktop and Teamviewer if you are interested in installing one of these.

Final Thoughts

The L:104 has been my nemesis every so often. Usually, a forced reboot has fixed the error, and only one time have I had to reset my Shadow PC because a controller failed on my VM.

As I always mention, if you run into these errors via the Beta/Alpha clients, please make sure to report any log files to Shadow's Support so they can send them to the developers. This will help Shadow become better, and possibly assist with your issue at the same time :).

I hope these troubleshooting tips can help you get back to gaming!

Have any other troubleshooting steps or fixes for the L:102, L:104, and/or L:200 errors? Feel free to comment them below, or email me at! The more information we have, the better!

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