Update on Shadow's Bankruptcy procedure
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Update on Shadow's Bankruptcy procedure


Today on the official Shadow Discord and the official Shadow Twitter account, an update has been given in regards to Shadow's bankruptcy proceedings.

In early March, Shadow announced that they would be filing for bankruptcy in both the United States and France. The decision to file for bankruptcy was to restructure Shadow's debt and find a new investor/owner that will work with Shadow to better the service and make the service profitable.

In today's Twitter thread, it looks like the proceeding is nearing completion. According to Shadow, they state that "[e]arlier this week, the two companies bidding to take over Shadow presented their cases to the French administrative judge. The court will now review all available materials and make its final decision on 𝗔𝗽𝗿𝗢𝗹 30, 2021."

Shadow states that both companies that show interest in Shadow are committed to continuing to grow the business.


This is good news, but as I mentioned in my opinion post about the bankruptcy, it is too early to tell what will happen to Shadow.

I am personally stoked to hear who the buyer will end up being. As someone who uses Shadow daily for both work and gaming, it would be nice to have an insight into the possible future of Shadow.

As always, I will keep an eye out for any more news and report on it right away!

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