Valorant to get a Deathmatch game mode this week

Valorant to get a Deathmatch game mode this week

Valorant, Riot Games first-person-shooter, will finally be getting a deathmatch style game mode this week. This game mode will drop into Valorant with the Act 2 update coming tomorrow, August 5th.

The deathmatch mode will be released in beta. Each match will have ten players facing off against each other with unlimited money for weapons and armor; however, you will not have access to your abilities.

Players have wanted a deathmatch style mode for quite some time, and Riot has finally blessed us with just that. How long will the mode stay in beta? We could only guess. But fret not, the Deathmatch mode will soon be a permanent mode to the game; they just want to iron out any kinks!

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