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Last updated on Jul 13, 2021

Posted on Dec 23, 2019

So, many of you may know that Shadow's main focus for its product is the gaming market. You get a Cloud Computer that has a dedicated Graphics Card for gaming.

But, did you know that your Shadow PC can be used for a lot of other tasks? With a dedicated Quadro Graphics card, you can utilize your Shadow PC for much more than just Gaming.

Let us find out some awesome ways you can use your Shadow PC!



The first way you can use your Shadow PC is for Gaming. The dedicated Graphics Card allows you to play most games at decent to high-end settings. In the US, you get a Quadro P5000, which can run most games at Medium to High settings. In the EU, you will soon have access to three tiers, the Quadro P5000, The Quadro RTX 5000, and the Quadro RTX 6000.

These are all great cards, and will give you the power you need to play your favorite games!

3d Modeling


Since Shadow has a dedicated Workstation Graphics Card, 3d Modeling works amazingly well on Shadow. The extra memory that the Quadro series cards have allowed for 3d modeling and rendering at a decent speed.

If you are looking for a Cloud PC to do some 3d Modeling with, Shadow may be what you want. It is recommended to connect cloud storage to Shadow, as it currently only has 256GB of storage.

Video Editing


Much like 3d modeling, the Graphics Card allows for seamless video editing. Use your favorite video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Vegas Pro.

Also, like 3d modeling, it is recommended to attach Cloud Storage to your Shadow to help with low storage issues.

Browsing and Streaming


You can also use Shadow as a typical computer! Need to search Amazon for some sweet swag? Need to watch a new youtube video? Want to catch that latest episode of your favorite Netflix show?

Well, you can do that all with Shadow, as it is a full Windows 10 PC that you can use almost however you like! If you get your hands on a Shadow Ghost, it can even replace your current computer at only a fraction of the electricity costs! Check out my post Shadow vs Building a PC for a cost comparison example.

Minimal Photo Editing


This is an optional usage for your Shadow. Currently, Shadow's color quality is not the greatest, as I believe it currently streams at a 4:2:2 Chroma Subsampling, instead of the higher quality 4:4:4.

Shadow has stated that they are working on better subsampling, but nothing has been announced. Minimal photo editing can be done on the Shadow. Just, do note that there are some color limitations.

Final Thoughts

I know this is a shorter post then what I usually do, but it is the holidays, and I have been rather busy. However, I do not want to skip a day! Anyways, my final thoughts on Shadow is that... it is pretty amazing!

Even though I am a US user, and the new tiers haven't been announced yet, the availability of a Quadro graphics card opens up a lot for me to do. I usually only play Final Fantasy XIV, so the card works perfectly for my current setup.

I do, however, love to tinker with other things like programming, 3d modeling, and even some photo editing here and there. Shadow works wonderfully for all of those things, and with the addition of the Shadow Ghost a few weeks back, my desk is a lot cleaner and minimalistic.

I highly recommend that you try Shadow if you are on the edge. It is an amazing piece of software, and it will only get better!

Thank you all for reading my blog. It truly makes me happy to know that this blog has helped others :).

Got anything to add to this post, or want to give me some feedback? Feel free to comment below!

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