Welcome to Shadow.Tips!

Welcome to Shadow.Tips!

Shadow.Tips is live! This site is a resource for current and potential Shadow Users to find Benchmarks of your favorite games on Shadow, to find Tips & Tricks to make your Shadow experience better, to find Troubleshooting help to get your issues fixed faster, and much more!

Shadow.Tips is not affiliated with Shadow and its parent company, Blade. We are a community driven site that does our best to keep all information up to date. If you find anything missing, not working, or want to assist in contributing to Shadow.Tips, feel free to shoot us an email, or reach out to me on reddit (/u/raymyn), or on discord (Raymyn#1510).

I look forward to helping the Shadow Community the best I can, and I hope that others can find this site useful in their journey into the wonderful world of Cloud Gaming!

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