Why are the US Shadower's not getting upgrades!?

Last updated on Nov 16, 2020

Posted on Nov 25, 2019

For this post, I would like to express my personal thoughts on what I have been seeing unfold since Shadow announced hardware upgrades in the EU. This post will stray away my usual posts for Tips and information about Shadow.

Instead, I will talk about my thoughts on US Shadower's not getting hardware upgrades as soon as EU is.

I would also like to note, that at the time of writing this post, their has been no official announcement by Shadow staff as for when the US will get hardware upgrades.

What is the reason?

So, if you have followed Shadow the last couple of months, they started hyping things up. Saying that a big announcement was to come at the end of October, and it will be something that we will be excited about.

And boy was it exciting! Except for one thing...

The hardware upgrades were only announced for the EU.

So... why is the EU getting upgrades first instead of both the US and EU getting the upgrades at the same time?

Well, from what I have read on both Reddit and the US Discord, they do not have partners in the US currently to successfully deploy the large amount of servers they need for the upgrades, and they are currently working on a deal with potential partners.

"But why can't Shadow just purchase the hardware and deploy it themselves!?" is a question you may ask. Well let me give you my opinion on this reasoning.

New hardware costs money. Labor costs money. And, the most important part, their needs to be stock for all these parts to successfully deploy for EVERYONE.

According to the Shadow presentation, Shadow has nearly 70,000 users. That is quite a lot! Even if, let us say, 12,000 of those are US users, that is a hefty amount of hardware that needs to be purchased.

Partners will allow for rental and/or purchasing of the equipment, they will build the servers, and deploy them in the Data Center. A lot less work on Shadow's part, and having a third party assist with this deployment can also make it have a better chance of success.

Without partners, Shadow will not be able to get these hardware upgrades out efficiently, and that is why they delayed US deployment, and are attempting to get partners.

Why you should not be upset.

If you are an avid gamer in the US, and pay attention to a lot of game releases. You may have noticed that the EU usually gets games later then the US. Yes, this has changed a little in the recent years, but for the longest time, the EU was forced to wait.

Shadow is doing what is best for them. Work on getting the hardware upgrades out in the locations they have partners in first, and then, once partnership is developed in the US, start working on deploying the hardware upgrades here.

Plus, you can also look at this in a positive light. European Shadower's will get the hardware upgrades first. Meaning they will deal with most of the early adopter bugs and issues that may come from it. Shadow will learn, and the US deployment would hopefully be better.

No reason to be upset. Shadow is a newer company, and they are doing everything in their power to get everything going the way the majority of people want it to be.

But Lucas, I am still upset at them!

Well, if you are still upset at them, and can't understand why Shadow decided to get the ball rolling in the EU whilst they are still trying to get everything planned out for the US, then you should probably do some research on business in general.

Shadow has the ability to start making more money, and they have secured the partners needed to make this happen. So why wait X amount of months until you can establish partners in another country?

You also have to remember that Shadow is a French Company. EU is their closest market so they are able to get these types of deals done a lot easier as it is where their company is based.

Yes, it may upset some of those who are not patient, but it will allow for Shadow to perfect their business model, and start making more of a profit to bring bigger and better things to all of us in the future.

My Final Thoughts

Shadow is an amazing product, and I will not be canceling my subscription over, what I think is, a sound business decision. Shadow will better their software with the release of these hardware tiers in the EU, and when they finally come to the US, it will be that much more amazing!

I would like to make sure you understand that this whole post is an opinion post, and I do not have any inside information about Shadow and their business processes. Instead, I am just a Shadow user who is impressed at how well the company has grown since it started.

So, I am sure some of you who read this may have a lot to say. Feel free to comment on this post with your opinions and thoughts. I look forward to reading them and replying!

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