Why does Shadow use Quadro Cards?

Last updated on Nov 16, 2020

Posted on Feb 8, 2020

If you are looking into using Shadow, you may notice that they are using Quadro Graphics Cards.

Why? You may ask. Well, unfortunately, this is not a decision made by Shadow but instead one made by NVIDIA.

What Are Quadro Cards?

Quadro Graphics Cards are the "professional workstation" version of NVIDIA's flagship Graphics Cards. They are designed to be more reliable, and stronger for professional workloads.

Compared to GeForce Graphic Cards, Quadro Cards usually have more graphical memory, but suffer in gaming performance compared to its consumer brethren.

Quadro cards are also significantly more expensive than the GeForce series, as they are designed for professional and enterprise use.

Why Shadow has to use Quadro Cards

Back in 2018, NVIDIA updated its EULA and software agreement for the GeForce graphics cards stating that GeForce cards can not be used in a non-personal Datacenter setup unless it is being used for Crypto-mining or similar workloads.

Since Shadow has Datacenters to provide hardware to its users, this falls under the "non-personal" clause in NVIDIA's EULA. And thus, Shadow was not legally allowed to use GeForce cards in any of its datacenters henceforth.

Is this bad for cloud gamers?

Not necessarily. As game design becomes more prevalent and demanding, and NVIDIA's recognization of Cloud Gaming, the Quadro graphics drivers have gotten a decent boost in gaming performance as of late.

I would not be surprised if we start seeing game-ready Quadro drivers in the next few years.

Quadro cards will slack a bit compared to its GeForce counterparts, however, this allows you to use your Shadow for designing, and graphical computing heavy workloads with ease.

Final Thoughts

Should this change your mind on getting Shadow? Absolutely not. The Quadro cards are more than capable to use for gaming. In fact, they may prove better if you need to do professional work on your Shadow like Video Editing, and similar activities.

As Cloud Gaming becomes more prominent, I believe that Quadro cards will get to the point where they are on-par with there GeForce counterparts.

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